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Florian - Roman Emperor: 276 A.D. -
Bronze Antoninianus Cyzicus mint: June - August 276 A.D.
Reference: RIC 116c, C 15
IMPFLORIANVSAVG - Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
CONCORDIAMILITVM - Florian standing left on right, raising hand and holding scepter, being crowned with wreath by Victory on left, holding palm.

Marcus Annius Florianus (died 276), commonly known as Florian in English, was a Roman Emperor who ruled in 276.


Florian was reportedly a maternal half-brother to Marcus Claudius Tacitus. According to sources, he was chosen by the army in the West to succeed Tacitus in 276, without the Roman Senate consensus. However he minted coins bearing the "SC" legend, thus showing some bonds to the Senate.

He was fighting against the Heruli when the army in the East elected Probus. He had the support of Italia, Gaul, Hispania, Britain, Africa, and Mauretania. The two rival emperors met in battle in Cilicia. Florianus had the larger army, but Probus was a more experienced general, and avoided a direct clash. Probus likely secured a small victory, and Florian was assassinated by his own troops near Tarsus once their confidence was lost. Florianus died in September 276, having been emperor for only 88 days.

In the Middle Ages the von Blumenthal family claimed descent from him, apparently because both names refer to flowers.

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