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Tacitus - Roman Emperor: 275-276 A.D.
Bronze Antoninianus Cyzicus mint: 275 A.D.
Reference: RIC 207c, C 140
IMPCMCLTACITVSAVG - Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
 SPESPVBLICA - Tacitus standing left on right, holding spear, receiving wreath from
 Victory to left, holding palm.

Marcus Claudius Tacitus (ca. 200 - June 276) was a Roman Emperor from September 25 275, to June 276.


He was born in Interamna (Terni), in Italia. He circulated copies of the historian Gaius Cornelius Tacitus' work, which was barely read at the time, and so we perhaps have him to thank for the partial survival of Tacitus' work; however, modern historiography rejects his claimed descent from the historian as forgery. In the course of his long life he discharged the duties of various civil offices, including that of consul in 273, with universal respect.

After the assassination of Aurelian, he was chosen by the Senate to succeed him, and the choice was cordially ratified by the army. His first action was to move against the barbarian tribes that had been gathered by Aurelian for his Eastern campaign, and which had plundered the Eastern Roman provinces after Aurelian had been murdered and the campaign cancelled. His half-brother, the Praetorian Prefect Florianus, and Tacitus himself won a victory against these tribes, among which Heruli, which granted the emperor the title Gothicus Maximus.

Tacitus probably died of fever (according to Aurelius Victor, Eutropius and the Historia Augusta) - though Zosimus claims he was assassinated - at Tyana in Cappadocia in June 276.

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